Brieda is the ideal partner that supports you in making new products and solving management and logistics problems. More than 40 years of field experience allow to offer all kinds of advice on the world of cabins.


Why choose Brieda?


Quality service
constantly monitored


All production stages are carefully monitored, to guarantee the highest quality of processing.

flow management


Our production flow is adapted to the deadlines and manufacturing patterns of our customers and it becomes an integral part of a shared work chain.

also in the costs


The use of modern, efficient production methods, combined with the optimization of resources allows us to find optimal solutions also economically.


Our consulting services go beyond sharing our know-how in the world of the cabins and offering technical support: by supporting you in all strategic decisions, we can increase your production capacity and reduce operating costs.


Proposing production solutions that allow to successfully achieve the objectives set already at the design stage is essential, that is why every step that leads to the realization of your project is carefully analyzed.
The analysis and design stages play a role of primary importance in ensuring the creation of a highly customized product that meets your needs.


Four multiproduct assembly lines allow us to follow working projects at a high level of differentiation: we are able to simultaneously produce up to 30 different cabin models.
Our production processes allow us to easily create very complex projects, developing products that are not based on pre-made templates, but on your needs.


Brieda offers a wide range of highly customized services, including the design of cabin assembly lines from scratch, the support in managing the production of cabins in foreign plants, including in other continents, and the supply and management chain.