We manage each stage of the production process for the manufacturing of cabins: from raw material procurement to assembly, and final functional testing. All are monitored according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality system.


Our production processes

Implementation of frames

From the processing of sheet metal and tubes, as well as special profiles, up to the welding of the finished frame.

Anti-corrosive pre-treatment

From galvanization to electrocataphoresis, our painted frames are compliant with the salt spray test at 1,000 hours.
For minor requirements, epoxy powder zinc rich primer can be applied.

Powder coating

Our standard coating process provides for the application of polyester, epoxy-polyester, and polyurethane powder.


Our lines, organized according to the principles of lean manufacturing, can produce up to the batch no. one.

Glass and windscreen bonding

We have a dedicated line for the bonding of glass and frames with the use of a two-component polyurethane adhesive.
Among our applications, stands out one of the biggest glass windshields on the market, with more than 3 m2 surface.

Functional testing

From watertightness tests, to the testing of electronic control units, we can implement any functional tests on the cabins.