We combine your needs with the features of the machine that host the cabin, following a project development which includes all the features the finished product will have, in a rational way. We use 4 CAD applications to meet all design needs, even the most special.


Tailored solutions

Brieda created more than 200 projects in different market sectors.
This is why we are able to support you in every design need, always finding the most effective solutions in compliance with regulatory standards and requirements.

Listening as a starting point

The collection of information is a key element of our work and it allows us to understand your requirements and analyze requests proactively, to help improve future product.

Tools and technologies

We design and build our 3D solid models by using PTC software with PRO – Engineering Wirefire 5.
But to be able to better serve you and minimize errors or problems of import and exchange of the models, we also have a Solidworks and a ThinkDesign station.